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Jacob the Shepherd Pup Jacob the Shepherd Pup
Such a Sweet Face
Jacob aka 'Jake' is a purebred Anatolian Shepherd Dog, and Parham Farms
official livestock guardian. Jake came to Parham Farms May 3, 2008 at the
tender age of 8 weeks. He lives in the 300' x 100' pen with the does, he was
born with and has lived with goats and sheep his entire life. He already
thinks that he is a goat, Cookie-Doe has trained him well to respect &
defer to her as the "Queen." Jacob is fully grown now, but still has his precious
puppy looks. He has proven his worth time and time again! protecting our chickens,
running off stray dogs who were on a chicken murdering rampage, and keeping our
goats safe from all predators. Jacob can easily hop over the fence but prefers to stay
with his herd' unless it is absolutely necessary for him to protect one of us or an
animal outside of the pen. When Jacob is out browsing with his goats, he works
to keep them from wandering apart and assists in rounding them up to come back
to the pen at the end of the day.

It all started with Nestle, a beautiful Chocolate Lab. Nestle came to
us in the summer of 2002. He was small enough to fit in Ken's work boot.
He loved to retrieve from the very beginning. Soon,our arms grew sore
from throwing his "ducky" across the yard. These days Nestle will retrieve
anything including small logs.

Nestle Quik Parham

How Freckles came to us is that Nestle was lonely for his little buddy,
my mother's chihuahua who had raised Nestle since he was 8 wks old and
when he was a year and a half old, we (finally) moved into our house, leaving
poor Nestle with no playmate. A few months later, in May 2004 we found Freckles,
a Jack Russell mix at a kill shelter. She was incredibly tiny, but had a
with a HUGE attitude. She had no problem whatsoever taking over the entire
household. Freckles is the "pack Leader" She may have been the smallest, but
she certainly thinks she is the family spokesdog.

Freckles, the Queen Parham

As I mentioned before, Quita, the chihuahua, raised Nestle. She was my mom's baby
And ruled the roost at mom's house. My mom passed away in 2012, and now
Quita lives with us. Mom and dad got Quita in November 2001 through a breed
rescue organization. We don't know exactly how old she is, but believe she wasn't
more than a year old when she came to be mom's pup. She had a problem for years with
nervous urination (around people, not other animals) and earned the nickname, "Deedle"
from my mom due to the sprinkles she would leave behind. Now reunited with her
'Puppy', our chocolate lab, she is quite happy and Nestle is still very cautious
around her and defers to her despite the fact that she doesn't weigh even 10 pounds.
She is quite the snuggle-bunny and has adjusted remarkably well and now has
Ken wrapped around her tiny dew-claw. He's built various ramps for her and
is always available to give her a lift up to her "pedestal." We're truly
enjoying the opportunity to spoil and pamper mom's beloved companion.

Quita, my mom's baby

Then there is Lady. She was a stray that wandered up in 2008. My father fell in love
with Lady and managed to talk my mom into letting her live with them. Lady adored my
dad too, she went everywhere with him, riding on the 4-wheeler, ears flapping in the
breeze. Lady went to live with my sister for about 18 months after our dad died, but due
to puppy personality conflicts, she came back to us. She is a wonderful affectionate and
loyal companion, always by my side, loves to ride along on the cart as I do my chores.

Lady, a little bit spoiled">


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