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The Horses at Parham Farms

In 2011 Doc and Louie came to live at Parham Farms.
Doc came to us at age 12, while Louie was only a weanling at 7 months
of age. Despite being only 7 months old, Louie was already over 14 hands
tall! Doc may be a gelding, but he has wonderful mothering instincts,
and that is why our farrier recommended him to us. Doc has given Louie
security, confidence and leadership while we were away from the pasture.
Doc is a wonderful trail horse, who was personally trained by our farrier
using the principles of natural horsemanship. We are bringing up Louie using
the same natural horsemanship program. Louie will be trained to ride and
pull a cart or buggy. Louie's sire, Thumper, pulls a wedding carriage and
it is a spectacular sight!

Doc and Louie are best friends APHA's Doctor KD Lena - 12 years old
Doc and Louie are best buddies. Despite the fact that the 'baby' is now taller than the 'old man.'
Doc can be amazingly majestic, and he can wallow in a mud hole like a pig too, he's a lot of fun!

Clydesdale Breeders of the USA, Carothers Prince Louie - 7 months old
Louie as a weanling, at 7 months old, with Julie when he first came to Parham Farms
Louie was already mild mannered and easy going. He'd not been halter trained, but
immediately picked up on simple directions.

Clydesdale Breeders of the USA, Carothers Prince Louie - 15 months old
15 month old Louie chillaxin' in the pasture with his girl, winter 2011

Clydesdale Breeders of the USA, Carothers Prince Louie - 16 months old
16 months old, Louie has filled out a little, and is happily standing to be brushed.

Parham Farms first Driving Horse
Julie training Louie, age 2.5 years, to drive.

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