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Little-Pip Chickens!

In early March 2004, during a trip to the Co-Op, we made a sudden and
life-changing decision. We decided to purchase a dozen chicks.
Since that time we've ordered chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery,
hatched some of our own, and traded stock with others. We love our
chickens and are not sure how we ever got along without them.

We have an assortment of Buff Laced Polish, Light Brahma, Buff Brahma,
Buff Orpington, Americauna, Rumpless Aracauna, Barred Rock and Welsummer.
We are often asked how much we charge for our fresh, free range, organic eggs,
we don't charge a dime, the hens are kind enough to give them to us, and we
just pass the favor along to others who enjoy them. Egg colors range from
white to dark brown, even some green and blue!!

Zach & Julie Building Our First Coop - March 2004
The first coop was modeled after the HenSpa - with an egg door & a porch.

Zach building the coop Julie roofing the porch

Just a few of our precious babies...
Zach holds Lucy 5 days old Wait a minute!
Dark Brahma Hen Light Brahma Rooster Americauna Hen
Buff Laced Polish Rooster Cogburn & the girls Rooster Cogburn

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