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We no longer breed Nigerian Dwarf goats. Here is a list of links to local (to us)
breeders who share some of our bloodlines.

Fallen For Ewe Ranch is a local ranch also located here in McNairy County, TN
(about 10 miles from us) with Nigerian Dwarfs. They have some of our
blood lines as well as blue-eyed, and polled genetics

Tiramar Farms is a family farm just north of the Memphis area in Atoka, TN.
They have Nigerian Dwarfs and Miniature Lamanchas. They have some of our blood
lines in both the Nigerian Dwarf and Minimancha herd.

Dolce Latte Farm is located near Chelsea, Alabama. They have Nigerian Dwarfs and
Lamanchas. We share some of the same bloodlines in both the Lamancha and Nigerian
Dwarf herd.

Rivrvue Farm and Ranch is located just south of Tupelo, MS in the town of Shannon.
They have Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats, peafowl, poultry, livestock guardian dogs.
They have some of our Nigerian bloodlines as well.
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American Dairy Goat Association
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